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Guide To Buying Fake ID

Common Sense Guide To Buying Fake ID Online:

Where is the identity vendor manufacturing based?

A genuine vendor in America, Canada, or Europe would be shut down by law enforcement. Magical exceptions for a company producing


counterfeit government documents does not exist for any vendor. Then

how do the fake id sites exist that are located in a country that enforces

their counterfeiting laws? They sell ids that are in compliance with laws for novelty ids. The site will try to convince you that they sell fake id, but

what you will receive is a novelty card that is useless.


Genuine identity vendors manufacture out of Asia, and China in particularly. Printers and all supplies are maufactured there making it easy to source materials to produce good fake ids.


Fake id sites that do not disclose their location?

It would be easy to conclude fake id sites that do not disclose their


location are in the USA. These few sites make poor quality ids, if they are not an outright scam. They usually have flashy websites, and take obscure payment options such as "reload packs" for reloading prepaid US credit cards. New laws in the US require your social security

number to purchase these reloads to keep track of who are purchasing them. In the rare chance the site is genuine, buying a government tracked card for purchasing a fake id is pure stupidity by the vendor and customer.

What about sites that accept Bitcoin?

Dangerous for Americans to use.

Americans that use Bitcoin are experiencing their bank accounts being SHUTDOWN, and Social Security numbers BLACKLISTED from being


able to open accounts in the future, leaving them unbankable with no recourse!

It is so bad that the government now wants the banks to be secret

informers to contact the authorities to investigate the Bitcoin user and other banking transactions.

Part of US government operation "Choke Point". Links to articles about

operation Choke Point: Link 1  Link 2  Link 3

Site is located in China, so is the fake id good?

Considering the Chinese government does not work with outside law

Fake purse vendor in China

enforcement, it makes your online fake id purchase as safe as it can be.

In China, the government does not care about counterfeiting goods. From counterfeit apple stores, luxury purses, and counterfeit watches,

anything of value is counterfeited in China with law enforcement turning a blind eye.

Fake Apple store in China

Make sure any fake identity vendor you buy from shows video and

pictures of their own work of fake ids they made. They are manufacturing in a safe jurisdiction, and do not take government

tracking payment options. While the fake identity vendor operates in a safe jurisdiction, you may not live in one and need to keep your transaction private and safe.

A few questions to ponder that you might not have thought of before when buying a fake id and many possible scenarios to be prepared for.


Are you ordering in a group or go out with others who use a fake id?

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If the answer to either question is yes, then think about the state you are ordering. 5 people showing up to a club together all with the same out of state id? What do you think the bouncer is wondering? It is law


that when you move to a state that you obtain a license from that state

within 30 days. Who knows how many comply, especially if you are in

that state for college. Most will wait until the license expires before they

get a new one in the state they are in. If you are lucky, and the identity

vendor sells a fake id for the state you are in, and it will pass in-state scrutiny, this would be ideal. When this is not the case, it is best that your group does not all choose the same state fake id.

Should you use your real name for your fake id?

Yes, for several reasons. It is common for a bouncer to ask for a second piece of ID with your name on it. Easy to produce when using your real

name, such as a credit card. Unless you are always planning to pay in

cash for your drinks, you would want your fake ID to match the name on

your credit card. It woud be a real pain having to carry your real ID to match your credit card, if a bartender or waitress asks to see it when paying for your bill and you already showed your fake id to verify you can order a drink. Another reason to use your real name is you will not

forget it. It is very easy to trip up a person who has had a few drinks.

Ordering an out of state fake id?

When possible, order a state you have lived in, or visited, put your former address on the fake id when you can recall it with ease. This

information you will remember and know the area. Will help in the rare

chance the bouncer also lived in the same area.

What to do if you must get a fake id card of a state you never lived in?

Research the does not take long on Google. Find out the local

schools you would have attended, local mall, the basics. This way you are always prepared in the event the bouncer, bartender, waitress, etc., by just your luck, lived in the same area.

Now, if you would like to read on for helpful tips on using your fake id please visit the link below.

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